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Order clomid online canada, Where can i buy clomid tablets in south africa

What’s not to love about these boots?! They look great, they feel great, and they’re Italian…bellissimo!

Here are 7 reasons why people are absolutely going crazy over EDEA:

order clomid overnight1.) Ultra Lightweight. EDEA boots are designed to be lighter. Ice Fly skates with ultra light plates are 1.4kg lighter, in fact, when compared with some standard boots, EDEA boots are up to 50% lighter. Even against supposed lighter skates, EDEA can offer a 20-30% reduction in weight.

2.) More Control, Greater Sensitivity. EDEA skates are made with a fiberglass and nylon insole to allow more of the force generated by the skater to be transmitted to the blade, which increases power, increases the feel, and increases the control. The reduced thickness of the sole lowers the center of gravity, giving the skater even more stability. The reduction in height also ensures that the foot and sole are perfectly in contact so that skaters can perform deeper edge leans.

3.) More Comfort. EDEA boots are designed for maximum comfort. The anatomical shell structure gives natural support, the heel pocket holds the foot in place, and the inner padding adds comfort without pressure points. Enhanced ventilation and a new system to improve the microclimate in the inner shoe keeps boots dry and comfortable.

4.) Instant Custom Fit. EDEA set out to design the perfect fit with their “Instant Custom Skates.” The EDEA skate can be custom shaped without the expense and time associated with getting a custom-made boot. The inner lining is made of memory foam, which means that most skaters will need no modifications. For those skaters who need adjustments, EDEA’s use of a Thermo Formable Material means all boots can be custom shaped in the width. The heels can also be tightened or opened, shaping can be done to accommodate different toes including hammer or square, and arch support can be changed for high or low arches.

5.) Shorter Break-In Time. The memory effect of the padding ensures that the boot hugs the foot outline and trains the tongue to sit in the most comfortable position almost immediately.
Because EDEA uses modern materials and technology, the boots have an elasticity and flexibility that old skates do not have, giving the skater a better range of movement.

6.) Greater Safety. EDEA wanted to create a skate that overcame the old problems of moisture, damp and cold feet, and blades working loose. With a water resistant material for its soles, the outer sole and inner sole aren’t affected by changes in temperature or increased moisture. This also prevents the blade making a furrow in the boot or screws from becoming loose. EDEA used HI-LOW /(double helix) screws to bind the blades tightly to the shoe. 

7.) Italian Design. Italian design means all EDEA boots have an effortless style and grace that others are unable to replicate. Production is based locally to employ local craftsmen who care as much about skating as you do…and it shows.

Visit the Ice House to try on a pair of EDEA boots so you can experience the perfect fit for yourself!


Riedell’s new product line, featuring their new and improved figure skates, has been 5 years in the making. Headlined by the all-new Aria Boot, it is poised to change the skating industry.

The Aria Boot is extra firm and intended for skaters doing double jumps and above. This new, lightweight skate features genuine kangaroo leather for added comfort. The micro-internal midsole keeps skaters closer to the ice and reduces the overall weight of the boot, while the TriFusion triple reinforcement provides the firmest support.

Skates for all levels…

Although the Aria Boot is the top of the line for Riedell, there are new skates for all levels. For instance, the 229 Edge is the perfect boot for skaters working on their single jumps. It is double reinforced to provide the medium support needed for advanced moves and jumps, and also includes a traditional hand-rolled collar for stability and performance.

Of the entire new Riedell line, the redesigned 875 Silver Star is one of the only boots with a perforated microfiber lining. This new technology allows for smooth comfort and breathability, all while providing lightweight durability for the experienced skater.

Riedell’s new line has 12 new features, providing exquisite form and extraordinary function for skaters of all skill levels. Designed by experts to reduce fatigue, protect your foot, and cushion your jumps, these 12 features are only offered by Riedell.


With almost 30 years of experience fitting all types of skaters, the Ice House has worked with Olympians as well as skaters stepping onto the ice for the very first time.

It’s always exciting to see new skaters come through our doors looking for quality skates that provide the support they need as they go through the learning process. And more often than not, we are asked which is better to learn on…hockey skates or figure skates?

The answer is figure skates…

While a hockey skate is easier to fit, figure skates are undoubtedly the best skate to learn on. First and foremost, the figure skate offers more support than a hockey skate. The leather upper area of a figure skate holds skaters ankles in place, preventing them from rolling in or out. Secondly, a figure skate has a flat blade while a hockey skate blade is curved. The flat blade on a figure skate provides the stability and smoothness a beginning skater needs. Lastly, a figure skate has a toe pick at the front of the blade. The toe pick, used by advanced skaters to push off of the ice to perform jumps, prevents new skaters from leaning too far forward and falling on their face.

For those interested in playing hockey, we still strongly recommend that they first learn on figure skates. Puck handling and the fundamentals of the game can always be

taught, but the ability to skate well is an acquired talent. The best hockey players are those that skate very well. It’s important to start the beginner hockey player on the right foot and help them build a strong skating foundation by learning on figure skates. Once they have the skating fundamentals down, they can always switch to hockey skates and are guaranteed to be one of the strongest skaters on their team.


Here at the Ice House, many skaters inquire about the different types of skates we carry. Over the past 37 years serving figure skaters throughout New England, our product lines have changed as technology has evolved.

We strive to provide quality skates that meet the demand of the industry, and over the years, we have featured Klingbeil, SP Teri, GAM, Harlick, Graf, and Risport skates — all very reputable companies. However, the two skate manufacturers we currently feature have been fixtures in the industry for generations, and rightfully so. Those manufacturers are Jackson and Riedell, and they have both evolved over time in order to provide skaters with the support and technical advancements necessary to compete at a high level.

Jackson—a staple in the figure skating industry…

Just last year, Jackson unveiled their new product line with a higher and wider toe box to accommodate different foot widths and added memory foam in the ankle to better conform to this area of the foot. A flex notch was also included to help with flexibility needed for jumps and spins, and Jackson developed a softer topline with rolled collars for added comfort. In addition, Jackson’s Layered Cork Leather (LCL) Sole provides a 17% lighter sole than traditional leather soles, allowing skaters to jump higher. With Jackson skates, we are able to modify our customer’s boots to meet individual fitting needs. Bone spurs, ankle discomfort, and pinched toes are now a thing of the past. After heating Jackson’s boots in an oven at controlled temperatures to soften the problem areas, we can carefully mold these boots, adjusting the areas of discomfort to create the perfect fit. This process enhances performance and comfort without affecting the product’s strength and durability.

If you have yet to try on a Jackson boot, be sure to stop by to see how they feel.